Dry Bulk

Dry Bulk is where it all started for High Country Transportation, Inc. in 1985. We know the dry bulk (hopperbottom) business inside and out. There are relatively few companies providing this type of specialized hauling in the United States and High Country Transportation, Inc. is one of the largest in the West.

In addition to grain and other crops, High Country Transportation can haul most dry, non-hazmat bulk products which can be bottom dumped in a bin or on the ground. Some of the common types of freight we haul are soda ash, limestone, feed ingredients, coal, sand and fertilizer. Our fleet of lightweight trucks allows shippers to load 27 tons of payload anywhere in the United States and even more in states with higher weight limits.

When the rail lines are full and you need to get your dry bulk product shipped across the country quickly, rest assured that we do provide service to all 48 states. We can also custom design dedicated contract transportation solutions to meet a customer’s needs. All trucks are GPS equipped so that customers can get an up to date delivery status from your customer service representative or through our internet load tracking feature.

We still serve our very first customer and several others that have called on us for over 20 years. Our dedication to a high level of customer service, a group of experienced dry bulk drivers and a very knowledgeable operations and service staff are what has continued to fuel our successful growth in the world of hopperbottom transportation. If you need dry bulk loads shipped, you need to give us a call.