Drive For Us

HCT provides great opportunities for all drivers whether it is as a hopperbottom owner-operator running under our authority, a hopperbottom contractor running under your own authority or a company driver in our hopperbottom divsion.

Those contractors interested in our Freedom program please click here for details.

Hopperbottom drivers at HCT enjoy a work life of no loading docks, no lumpers and no strict appointment times.  Loads do have to be delivered timely but there is no having to wait for days on end if you miss an exact dock time.  Drivers can drop off their load and head to get loaded at the next shipper keeping their miles high and their life enjoyable.  There is a little extra work involved by having to make sure the bins are swept clean but compared to having to wait around at docks it is worthwhile trade to get out of the receiver quickly and on to the next load. 

HCT isn’t going to solve all your problems and we don’t do everything perfectly. We have the same issues as most other trucking companies. We try our best to minimize waiting time and try to only haul freight for quality shippers who value our drivers time as much as we do but there will always be issues no matter how hard we try to avoid them and we are not going to pretend we have fixed all the issues with the trucking business.

To read more about each opportunity click below or call 469-759-2300 option 1 or apply at the link below.

Hopperbottom Owner-Operators with Our Authority:

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship is evident in everything we do at HCT and we are looking for associates with that same spirit who have determination and want to share in the risk and reward of owning their own business. Owner-Operators are paid based on percentage. This is the fairest way to pay as when rates go up, owner-operator compensation goes up instantly. In addition to the base percentage pay, 100% of collected fuel surcharges are passed on to owner-operators. For the owner-operator who is as serious about safety as HCT, we also provide a DriveCam free of charge if they desire one be installed.

  • 72% of base/linehaul revenue
  • 100% of collected fuel surcharge
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Trailer Use – Free of Charge
  • EFS Fuel Card Use (100% of discounts passed on to owner-operator)
  • Tire, Parts, Maintenance discounts passed on to owner-operator
  • Small Fleet Owners Welcome


  • Tractor must pass a DOT Level 1 Inspection
  • Driver must have at least 1 year experience and be approved by High Country Transportation
  • Driver must have Occupational Accident Insurance or Worker’s Comp with at least $1,000,000 coverage
  • Copy of Paid 2290 (Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax)
  • Base Plates for 48 states (can be purchased through High Country, copy of title required)

Don't have a truck? Lease-Purchase program available through Armada Leasing, LLC click here for details

Hopperbottom Owner-Operators with Their Own Authority:

Partner with HCT to take advantage of great freight rates with fuel surcharges!

  • 80% of base/linehaul revenue
  • 100% of collected fuel surcharge
  • EFS Fuel Card Available with 100% of discounts passed on to carrier
  • Small Fleets Welcome
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Trailer Use – Free of Charge when pulling High Country Transportation, Inc. freight


  • Must have own operating authority, base plates, permits, IFTA
  • Must have own insurance: $1,000,000 auto liability, $200,000 cargo and $30,000 trailer interchange insurance
  • High Country Transportation, Inc. must be named as additional insured on carrier's insurance
  • Transflo weekly charge $7.00
  • Qualcomm weekly charge for unit and service: $19.00 ($10.00 if you have your own QC)
Hopperbottom Company Drivers:

Great Pay, Great Equipment, Great Freight and Great Drivers. We only hire the best drivers and if you consider yourself the best at what you do we want you at High Country. Here you will drive well-maintained late model equipment be known for who you are and not your truck number. We work with people, not with numbers at HCT and while we don't do everything perfect, we try to work together with you to hit your home time while still getting you the miles to make a living. The trucks have to roll to make money but drivers have to get home to spend time with their families and we work as best as we can to make the two work together. Drivers in CO, TX, OK, UT,AZ and NM are expected to be out 2 weeks at a time and drivers from other locations should expect to be out 3-4 weeks.

  • Great mileage pay
  • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance Available
  • Weekly Pay
  • No Northeast Runs


  • 24+ years of age
  • Class A CDL (hazmat is not required)
  • 1+ year of experience (2 years is preferred)
  • Clean Driving Record
  • No job hoppers (more than 5 employers in past 5 years)
  • Call a recruiter for all other requirements