Dry Bulk / Hopper Division

HCT, Inc. has been providing quality dry bulk transportation since our founding in 1985. Our main type of trailer is hopperbottoms and our primary lanes are the Western 11 U.S. States, the Midwest and Texas. When you need dry bulk moved we are the over-the-road and dedicated specialist to call.

HCT can haul most dry, non-hazmat bulk products which can be bottom dumped in a bin or on the ground. Some of the common types of freight we haul are soda ash, limestone, feed ingredients, coal, sand and fertilizer.

We do provide service to 48 states when requested by customers. We can also custom design dedicated contract transportation solutions to meet a customer’s needs. All trucks are GPS equipped so that customers can get an up to date delivery status from your customer service representative or through our internet load tracking feature.

Drivers: Have you tried a Hopperbottom? We are currently hiring Company Drivers and Owner-Operators in our hopperbottom division. Experience great pay and a lifestyle without loading docks and a life of appointments. This allows you to get more miles and spend more time trucking and not waiting around loading docks.

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