Freedom Division

Van and Flatbed Owner-Operators/Contractors

Run Your Own Way!

The Freedom division for Owner-Operators/Contractors at HCT, Inc. allows you to control your destiny! We’re here to help with the administration and safety side of the operation for you.

We don’t have any direct customer commitments – This leaves you open to book you where you want to go. Run the area of the country and lanes you want to run, this is true freedom*. You can pick loads from any of our 1000’s of approved brokers and customers. You aren’t restricted to picking from our “in-house” load board like other companies, you have the freedom to choose from whomever has the best loads in your area*.

If you like running up and down the East Coast, you can make that happen. If you want to run the Midwest, you can make that happen. If you want to run long miles across the country, you can make it happen. If you want variety, you can make that happen! The market rates will vary based upon the lanes but you can decide for yourself if you want to run where the money is or if you like to stay in the same general lane.

Owner-Operators/Contractors: You know how your business should be ran. You are the best person at picking out the most profitable lanes and knowing how to run your business to make the most money. We have embraced that entrepreneurial spirit in the Freedom division at High Country Transportation, Inc. and we are here to assist you with the safety and back office side of the business.

You can focus on running your business by booking loads at your direction so that you can drive or find loads for your drivers while we take care of the billing, fuel tax management, liability insurance, cargo insurance and all the other tedious tasks. Our assistance leaves you free to take the time to generate income and keep your drivers happy and rolling. We will provide your safety administration services to keep you legal and safe while you concentrate on producing revenue and controlling your costs.

Here is how it works:

We provide:

  • 80% of Base Revenue (72% if you do NOT provide trailer)
  • We break out the fuel surcharge and pay you 100%*
  • We provide liability and cargo insurance
  • We provide the safety management and DOT regulation compliance
  • We pay you every Friday for loads turned in by noon on Tuesday
  • We make a fuel card available for your use with 100% of the discount to you.
  • 100% of collected detention, driver assist passed on to you
  • Tires, Parts and Maintenance Discounts passed on to you
  • Small Fleet Owners Welcome

Contractor Provides*:

You provide the tractor (lease purchase partner program available, click here for details)

You provide the trailer (trailer rental program available or use our trailer at 72% base pay rate)

You provide the fuel, maintenance, license, physical damage insurance, fuel/road taxes, tolls and all other costs to operate the tractor

You provide a mobile communications system with an e-log system that will work in conjunction with our transportation management system. Mobile App with communications and e-log option available at cost.

Contractor Requirements*:

Tractor must pass a D.O.T. Level 1 inspection

Driver must have 1 yr experience, 23+ yrs of age, acceptable driving record. Must be approved by High Country Transportation, Inc. per our insurance providers requirements.

Driver must be covered by an occupational accident or worker’s comp policy (based on state law) with at least $1,000,000 coverage. Certificate must be provided to High Country Transportation, Inc.

Copy of paid 2290 (Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax)

Base Plates for states in which you plan to operate (48 state base plates can be purchased through HCT, copy of title required)

*please call a recruiter for full details